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There are weed edibles, and then there are the delectable delights coming out of the P&B Kitchen. Papa & Barkley’s origin story in the cannabis industry began with a son’s love for his father. Wanting to help his father treat his debilitating back pain, founder Adam Grossman created a cannabis topical. It worked. From there, the Papa & Barkley brand grew into a medicinal relief line of products with critical acclaim throughout California.

What started as topical salves and balms expanded into transdermal patches and tinctures. Yet, some of the greatest work done by the folks at Papa & Barkley is taking place at the P&B Kitchen.

What Is P&B Kitchen?

P&B Kitchen is the segment of Papa & Barkley entirely devoted to making weed edibles. Their line of high-end chocolate and top-quality THC gummies have made them famous among California cannabis enthusiasts. Their current lineup includes four artfully curated chocolate bars and four equally unique infused gummies.

What Makes P&B Kitchen Edibles So Unique?

The folks at P&B Kitchen have taken great care in sourcing their ingredients and developing their recipes. While most weed edible companies use THC distillate or crude oil to infuse their products, P&B Kitchen uses solventless hash rosin.

Made with fresh cannabis, solventless extracts rely on heat and pressure to concentrate the cannabinoids and terpenes that provide each strain’s specific effects. There is no extraction equipment or solvents like butane and propane involved in the process. Simply pure, highly concentrated hash rosin.

This allows P&B Kitchen to provide strain-specific edibles, which are perfect for customers who wish to dial in their dosage and effect to perfectly suit their needs. Time and again they can rely on the same great taste, and know exactly what to expect from the high.

Why Do Consumers Prefer THC Edibles?

Of the $25 billion in cannabis revenue in 2021, $1.38 billion was cannabis-infused foods. The rise in popularity of THC edibles has skyrocketed for their convenient dosing and easy-to-use format. While smoking weed will never go out of style, many consumers are drawn to the reliability of weed edibles. Though it takes a little practice to fine-tune your dosage, once you know how many milligrams of THC it takes to hit that sweet spot, it’s a repeatable action that you can rely on.

Over 70% of cannabis edible sales are weed gummies, and P&B Kitchen knows just what it takes to compete in the marketplace. While their competitors are often focused on producing quantity over quality, P&B Kitchen prides itself on not only maintaining a relevant place in the market, but providing a unique user experience.

The Craft Behind P&B Kitchen

Not only do the edibles from P&B Kitchen stand out because of their strain-specific solventless attributes, but because every ingredient is sourced with intention. Despite the candy form factor, customers appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to providing a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free organic gummy made with all-natural colors and flavors.

Confectionary Manager at P&B Kitchen, Lindsay Hurley, tells us that the flavor profiles were so much fun to create. After seven years in the cannabis industry, Hurley has developed an airtight approach to ensuring that every gummy is perfectly homogenized, so you get the same dose every time. Mixing and matching the flavors adds extra sparkle to weed gummies.

“I got a little pushback on the watermelon chilli, but now that it’s out there, people are loving it,” said Hurley. When asked where she gets inspiration for new recipes, Hurley replied, “Take the Lychee for instance. I love going into Asian markets and seeing all the different candy that they have. It’s always super unique and different from what we have here. So now, we have a Lychee gummy. It’s been fun to branch out and be creative with our choices.”

The chocolates are created with just as much creativity and attention to detail. Their impeccable quality is thanks to Jonah Ginsburg, Confectionary Director at P&B Kitchen. Not long after buying a chocolate company in 2013, Ginsburg started delving into the cannabis industry and working on mastering the art of infusing THC into chocolate bars.

When asked what was behind the decision to launch this new spin-off brand, as opposed to keeping the edibles strictly medicinal, Ginsburg said, “From a corporate structure, Papa & Barkley has always been very wellness-focused. The launch of P&B Kitchen stemmed from a multifaceted approach. I wanted to express that chocolate is fun. Chocolate is sexy and indulgent. It should be fun eating it, and it should be making it.”

How did P&B Kitchen Get Fair Trade Certified?

Ginsburg hit multiple roadblocks while working towards Fair Trade certification for his line of chocolate bars. Many organizations wanted nothing to do with a cannabis company, mainly because the federal government doesn’t consider anything containing cannabis to be a food product.

“There’s no reason that [cannabis] Edibles need to be treated differently than other food you eat,” said Ginsburg. His persistence and dedication of him to his standards for these products ultimately led to Fair Trade USC agreeing to work with P & B Kitchen.

What Kind of Edibles Will P&B Kitchen Offer

Ginsburg and Hurley have perfected their initial offerings across their areas of expertise. Four chocolate bars and four weed gummies made with solventless rosin hash, are available throughout the state of California.

Solventless Rosin-Infused Chocolate Bars

Each chocolate bar contains 20 pieces, individually dosed to contain 5 mg of THC.

Coconut Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

A creamy classic milk chocolate bar blended with shredded coconut pieces and chunks of chewy caramel. What’s not love?

Mango Macadamia Nut Milk Chocolate Bar

Dried mango and slow-roasted macadamia nuts pair perfectly with the delicate sweetness of milk chocolate. This bar is sure to be a fan favorite.

Raspberry Quinoa Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar

The puffed quinoa is reminiscent of crisped rice, adding a light crunch to the bold, dark chocolate. Dried raspberries bring a sweet + tart burst of flavor.

Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar

It’s hard to beat the combination of sweet and salty. There’s no better way to pair the two salted almonds blended into dark chocolate with just the right amount of Himalayan pink salt.

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Solventless Hash-Infused Gummies

A box of gummies contains 20 pieces, each containing 5 mg of THC per piece.

Lychee Gummies

We doubt you’ll see many lychee gummies on store shelves, as this sweet and tangy fruit is native to Southeast Asia, where it’s considered a fine delicacy. We’re sure you’ll agree that these gummies are as tasty as they are unique.

Sour Peach Gummies

For fans of all things sour, this will be your new favorite gummy. The sour outside melts away to reveal a juicy sweet inside that tastes true to its peachy name.

Pineapple Ginger Gummies

The sweet and sour zest of a fresh pineapple is matched by the spicy kick of freshly grated ginger in this specially crafted batch of gummies. It will be hard to have just one.

Watermelon Chili Gummies

If you’ve never sprinkled a little Tajin coating on fresh watermelon, you are missing out on your new favorite summer snack. These Watermelon Chili gummies mean you can enjoy this tantalizing flavor combo year round.

P&B Kitchen Gummies

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